About Us

Greta Valley Primary School offers a safe, welcoming environment that encourages a sense of belonging and connectedness.

Students can achieve to the best of their ability through a sense ownership and self-motivated learning.

Our school

  • Provides a positive learning atmosphere
  • Values academic achievement
  • Promotes and encourages the qualities of consideration for others, fairness and      service
  • Prioritises individual growth and personal achievement
  • Prepares the students for a successful future
  • Places high expectations of staff and students alike
  • Our motto is “There are no limits for those who try

We value …

  • a sense of connectedness and belonging
  • a safe and nurturing environment
  • strong relationships and the development of social skills
  • A whole school approach

We value a sense of connectedness and belonging in which

  • Everyone is known as an individual and respected
  • We feel a part of our community
  • The school community works together to contribute to the whole

We value a safe and nurturing environment in which

  • We all see wellbeing and happiness as crucial
  • We value life-skills and social skills as a base for learning
  • We take ownership of learning and value education, curiosity and understanding

We value strong relationships and the development of social skills in which

  • We work in openness and honesty
  • Opinions are expressed and discussion occurs
  • Difference is accepted and you can be who you are

We value a whole school approach in which

  • We apply a holistic and inclusive approach
  • Everyone is given the opportunity to perform to the best of their ability
  • We are proactive in identifying and problem-solving challenges and issues

Greta Valley Primary School has an enrolment of about 30 children.  It is an equal distance from Benalla and Wangaratta and as a result has families working in both cities, considering either one as their main centre.  Prep students could have attended any of 8 or 9 different kindergartens in Wangaratta, Glenrowan, Benalla or Moyhu.   Grade 6 students exiting our school attend secondary schools in both cities and our families reside in 2 local council areas.  Students travel to Greta Valley Primary School on one of 2 buses from 15 Mile Creek, Greta South, Molyullah, Ryan’s Creek, Lurg, Upper Lurg, Greta West, Greta and Hansonville.

Family demographics are a blend of farming families, employees commuting to either centre, manual labourers, contractors, tradesmen and local family businesses.  The school is supported by extra funding because of low socio-economic circumstances.  Families support our school with energetic fundraising and working-bee efforts.  Parents maintain and improve both grounds and buildings, clean the school voluntarily and value add to funding initiatives with skilled labour.  This enables our school to have exceptional surrounds, equipment and facilities.  Parents also support our outdoor education and excursion program with this fundraising as well as volunteer time and transport. Our school has made outdoor education a major feature of its curriculum, with a strong belief that our children benefit enormously from this program.  As well as linking literacy and numeracy to these activities, children are able to practise the very important life skills of persistence, organisation, resilience, getting along and confidence through these events. Their overall level of fitness is raised and they are highly engaged in school as a result of the extensive program.

Greta Valley is one of five schools in the King Valley cluster and we share time together for sport, camps and excursions, curriculum enrichment, planning and professional development.  Together we are a part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program, the Country Education Project of the Farm Stay program and the Melbourne University – Rural Schools of Excellence, Pre Service Teacher training.  The cluster has also ventured a Memorandum of Understanding with the Wangaratta High School for an extended transition program to support “at risk” students within the cluster.

Greta Valley Primary School values diversity and we have several local special needs students attending our school.  Our mainstream students learn tolerance, some Makaton signing, understanding difference and to nurture.

 We have 2 full time teachers (one is the principal) and 2 part time teachers, two integration aides and an office manager.  We offer weekly lessons in music and Italian LOTE and fortnightly lessons in Art and Library.